BIM Objects Available for LAMILUX

BIM Objects Available for LAMILUX

Model your LAMILUX elements with BIM Objects

LAMILUX is one of the first daylight system manufacturers to offer free BIM objects services to create an effective process for mapping and simulating the architectural design and actual construction of buildings in a virtual environment.

BIM (Building Information Model) Objects is a new digital service which provides the real product appearance in 3-D models compatible with ArchiCAD and Revit CAD systems. It also offers integrated energy calculation engines that create energy balance schemes and gives the amount of energy that buildings will consume and CO² amounts generated.

Available BIM tools allow for more advanced calculations and simulations, including sunlight and shadows tracking, airflow, and sound simulations. In addition, these models provide information such as available dimensions, glazing options, U-values, and building material classes.

All the main LAMILUX components are available now in 3-D models. These include:

    Go to the BIMobject site for free downloadable BIM objects from LAMILUX.



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