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 LAMILUX is one of Europe’s most established and experienced manufacturers of daylight systems and is one of the leading producers of fiber-reinforced composites in the world. The national and international market position achieved in both divisions is the result of technological innovation, flexible scope, customer retention based on building partnerships, and the motivating employee focus of a medium-sized, independent and forward looking family business. In recent years, Lamilux has not only received multiple prizes and awards for innovations and strategies but actively demonstrates a special support for social responsibility in its region.

“The fact that their products were able to withstand the strict judgement of the jury, is a proof of their excellent design quality. The winners are thus setting decisive trends in the design industry and showing where things can go in the future.”
— Professor Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of Red Dot

Lamilux, based in Upper Franconia, Southern Germany, is an environmentally focused, third generation, family owned and managed business. Founded in 1909 by master carpenter Heinrich Strunz, the company has sustained as a family-owned business while advancing towards the cutting-edge of building technology. It is one of the 50 fastest-growing medium-sized companies in Bavaria, being awarded "Bavaria's Best 50" to the two managing directors Dr. Dorothee and Dr. Heinrich Strunz by the Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger handed over the award. LAMILUX is strongly committed to balancing family and career, which is the reason the family-owned company has been a member of the Bavarian Pact for Family since 2019.Unternehmen-Werk-3.jpg

Lamilux prioritizes strict specification and approval process for suppliers, monitoring of raw materials and quality materials involving environmentally-friendly production methods to make durable and technically sound products. Lamilux has gained recognition as a brand that offers quality and innovation.

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