NH Kitchen Skylight

Featured Product: Lamilux PR-60
Project type : Retrofit of a historic home
Location: Hanover, New Hampshire

The Hanover house features of a 5 ¾ ft x 13 ft hipped roof light with a 30 degree inclination. This fully customized roof light transformed the interior kitchen space.

Like all PR-60 systems, it consists of thermally broken aluminum frames with triple-pane, argon-filled glass, offering a U-value of 0.12btu/hr/sf and a solar heat gain coefficient of about 0.3. Each pane is unique: the inner layer is laminated glass, the middle layer float glass, and the exterior layer tempered safety glass. The entire unit is rated for fall through protection, and can be walked on for maintenance purposes. But all of this protection doesn’t diminish the unit’s capacity to flood the space with brilliant daylight: the visual transmittance of the entire assembly still reaches about 60%.