Featured Product: Lamilux PR-60 
Project type:
 Residential retrofit
Brooklyn, NY
Architect: Loadingdock5

This photographer's studio is uniquely situated in the back of a typical two-story carriage house, constrocted originally to hold horses below and hay above. Having to reconcile multi-faceted design constraints to achieve a daylighting system, the task presented a few challenges. The client was asking for large glass fields with high visual transmittance, and good thermal performance - a system that would avoid condensation, interior gutters, and energy losses, with a very low pitch to match existing conditions. To bring daylight into this existing space, they reached out to 475 CEO, Floris Keverling Buisman, and the 475 Daylight team to come up with a solution to meet and exceed their design constraints.

The successful solution was the Lamilux PR-60 custom glass roof system, with its Thermally Active Design (TAD), providing thermally broken profiles and AVS technology allowing a high-performance glass roof to be designed with a pitch as low as 2 degrees (3/8:12) without worries of leaks, condensation, or winter energy losses. This low pitch was essential to the space, to maximize ceiling height, while the existing roof height couldn't be increased. The flexibility and self-supporting aluminum profiles of the PR-60 allowed for this specific detail, while dividing the 26’ x 17’ glass roof into just 8 extra-extra-large glass fields. The PR-60 floods the studio with daylight and the motorized opening allows for convenient ventilation when weather permits. ⁣⠀