Featured Product: Lamilux PR-60
Project type:
Institutional retrofit
Chicago, IL
: FGP Atelier⁠
Contractor: Kattara Construction⁠
Photographer: Jared Powell Photography⁠

PODER prepares Spanish-speaking adults to seize opportunities in Chicago through comprehensive and tuition-free English, civic education and job training programs.⁠

PODER’s vision for their HQ is where economic equity, upward mobility and societal inclusion are attainable for all. The city’s first immigrant integration + job center, to be located on the corner of 55th and Homan Ave, is where windows of opportunity will open as an abandoned building for over twenty-five years will be reinvented for a reimagined PODER.⁠

Indoor, natural light-filled spaces, in addition to job training, will provide support services from mental health to immigration to opportunities for local entrepreneurial popups. ⁠