Artwork Sees The Light Of Day In Red Hook, Brooklyn

High performance engineering has landed on the rooftop of the latest art gallery in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

475 was excited to provide these high performance, custom-sized, triple-glazed Lamilux FE skylights for the yet-to-be-named gallery. The space spans several post-industrial buildings, and will display dozens of works by contemporary artists when complete. Even with weeks of finish work left, it’s easy to see how import daylighting is to these formally lightless, single-story complexes.


Equipped with a 3 degree pitch and extended top pane, the design ensures that there will be no standing water left on the glass. This achieves a clear transparent view even after rain.

The largest units have 4’ long by 9’ wide openings. This large glazing area fills the lower levels with ample daylight while the triple pane, 30% SHGC low e glass, limits the amount of incoming solar energy. This is crucial for both occupant comfort and temperature control for valuable art work.

The skylights are spaced adequately along the rooftop to provide consistent lighting levels throughout the space. This reduces the need for artificial lighting and creates a pleasant indoor space, perfect for meandering through interesting exhibits. We will keep you updated on when the project is finished and when the gallery is open.

It will definitely be worth a visit if you are in the area!

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