Lamilux PR-60: The Glass Roof You’ve Been Waiting For

The benefits of roof daylighting are numerous. Daylight systems increase productivity, stores sell more products, and students perform better. Roof daylighting can be an aesthetically powerful design element. They can provide natural ventilation and can even be energy positive when done correctly. They can extend the benefits of daylighting deep to the interior of a building. Persuasive examples abound – from the ancient Pantheon in Rome, to Louis Kahn’s Kimbell Art Museum in Texas, to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Johnson administrative building in Wisconsin.

Highest quality certification from the Passive House Institute

But the pitfalls are notorious and have limited the successful implementation of glass roofs. Glare can overwhelm occupants; winter heat losses can cost energy and make occupants uncomfortable. They can cause condensation and moisture problems. In the summer, overheating can drive up energy use for AC and cause even greater discomfort. The promise of glass roofs have always seemed just out of reach… but the wait is over.

The PR-60 by Lamilux delivers the powerful benefits while allowing the designer to avoid the pitfalls of roof daylighting.  Triple-glazed thermal bridge free construction that provides exceptional airtightness and comfort form the high-performance foundation to success. These fundamental metrics have been independently verified and certified by the Passive House Institute, the benchmark for state-of-the-art performance.  

Axon of system with drainage channel

Because these glass roofs are truly thermally broken, the interior surfaces stay warm in cold weather and condensation at the interior of the system is no longer a worry.  And warm interior surface temperatures not only avoid moisture damage but provide much greater occupant comfort. Integrated drainage channels outboard allow storm water to effectively drain away.

Passive ventilation strategies can be fully integrated, as well as smoke venting systems. And if your low-energy building is pushing toward net zero, even renewable PV cells can be integrated into the PR-60 system with dramatic effect.

Finally internal and external shading is an important consideration for any high-performance building – and again Lamilux delivers.

Shading options provide architecturally sensitive way to control glare and prevent over heating.

For a school, office or shopping center, whatever the daylighting application – efficient, light-filled and comfortable should no longer be out of reach. So reach for the Lamilux PR-60.

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