LAMILUX Delivers The Unbeatable Benefits of Roof Daylighting

In the world of high-performance and Passive House buildings,roof daylighting has been largely ignored – a victim of misconceptions about what is possible.   The misunderstanding is well earned with a long history of roof skylight units that are poorly performing: causing thermal discomfort, interior condensation and leaks.  They are often huge holes in the thermal envelop and more trouble than they’re worth.  Today that has changed – so it’s worth reminding ourselves about the enormous potential benefits of roof daylighting and the new solutions that deliver the benefits without compromise. Roof daylighting brings all the benefits of daylighting deep into the interior of buildings.

Performance Benefits*

  • Daylight allows us to sleep better at night.
  • Daylight increases our productivity at work.
  • Students perform better.
  • Stores sell more products.
  • Supports healing of medical patients.
  • Daylighting supports aesthetically pleasing design.

    Functional Benefits

    • Daylight units can provide natural ventilation.
    • Provide exterior access.
    • Today the units have the potential to be energy positive.

      Avoid the pitfalls

      Not only do typical roof lights often feel thermally uncomfortable, drip condensation, leak and can cause discomforting glare.

      LAMILUX Delivers:

      LAMILUX daylight elements allow for complete optimization of building envelopes. LAMILUX has experience – 50 years as a producer of premium quality daylight systems and smoke and heat ventilation systems. What sets LAMILUX apart from the rest is their capacity for individual system design and use of intelligent connections with different components. Design and planning of control solutions are based on comprehensive know-how regarding building and safety technology requirements in modern buildings. Every custom order, is fully supported by both LAMILUX and 475 team, for installation details, thermal bridge calculation and installation support/supervision.

      PR-60 Glass Roofs

      LAMILUX gives you endless design potential with the PR-60 glass roof element. Commercial and public spaces can be efficient, comfortable and daylit. Efficient ventilation, controlled water runoff and condensate draining are built-in to the design. An overlapping multi-stage sealing system, designed without direct joints and a secondary drainage in the inner sealing layer combines with a joint-free, continuous drainage plane. Heat transfer coefficient of the jambs and transoms is the most efficient in the industry – combined with architectural liberating aspects:

      • Narrow mullions 2-3/8″ (60mm)
      • Large glass expanses possible
      • Low pitches, down to 2 degrees
      • Integrated shading, venting and PV

        FE Energysave Flat Roof Unit Skylights

        If you’re looking for state-of-the-art, best-in-class: this is your pick. The LAMILUX FE Energysave has been tested and certified to be a ph-A “Advanced Component” by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. It has an argon-filled triple pane, and the frame is graphite EPS insulated with an powder coated RAL finish. The curb – made from 4″ foam-fiberglass composite – is 16″ or 20″  high, so it can be effectively over-insulated, for kink free isotherms – The whole assembly is completely thermal-bridge-free and comes various sizes ranging from 24″ square to 71″ square. In practically all cases the window will help reduce the heat demand of the project – not increase it – a remarkable feat for a skylight

        Additional options are motorized venting, shading and glass SHGC that can be taylored (30,40,50%), and even a Quad pane (Energysave++) optimized for extreme / arctic climates is available.

        FE Flat Roof Unit Skylights

        If your budget calls for a cost effective solution, the LAMILUX FE may be the way to go, especially in the stocked standard sizes and exit hatches. It contains similar features with the same craftsmanship found in the Energysave, but not at the boundary-pushing performance level needed for full PHI Certification.  Again, you have triple-pane, argon-filled glass. 2-3/8″ insulated composite curb. Most importantly for your thermal envelope it’s thermal-bridge-free, with the continuous isothermal line maintained throughout. The matching aluminium frame still packs a punch, but using this FE skylight can have a minor negative effect on your heat demand.

        FE Exit hatch deluxe

        When building heights are restricted, but comfortable roof access is desired for unobstructed 360 degree views, the FE Exit hatch deluxe is your gate to heaven. With motorized operation, insulated frame and composite curb. Not only does this unit provide ample daylight to the stairways below with its expansive glass area (45.3″ x 125″), but with a push of a button, this entire frame slides open and allows a straight stair to rise to the roof level. This unit is entirely pre-assembled, so installation is ‘plug and play’ – Furthermore it can be installed in certified Passive Houses in mixed humid and temperate cold climates.

        Find out more about LAMILUX daylighting solutions in the LAMILUX Primer and 475 Daylight– and join our upcoming webinar on Intelligent Daylighting.

        * Performance References:


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