Custom Skylights for a Net-Zero Long Island Home

This beautiful, Net-Zero Long Island home designed by Ryall Sheridan Architects proves that high performance and high design are not anachronistic.

475 was excited to collaborate with Principal Architect Bill Ryall on incorporating custom Lamilux skylights into the building envelope. With large exterior windows affording sweeping views of the tidal wet lands, it was important that rooms without wall windows still had daylight. Three custom FE unit skylights were placed in interior rooms to provide roof daylighting and limit the demand for artificial light. The largest unit has a nearly 5' x 9' opening and floods the upstairs bathroom with natural light. 

The deciduous tree shading screens cast beautiful shadows on the interior walls and provide the glass with extra protection against hail and UV light.  

From the Architect: 

“Because of the use of a thick, insulated envelope, triple glazed windows and airtight construction, the energy needs of the house are extremely low. This allows for the annual loads to be offset by a modest PV panel system, making this a ‘net-zero’ building.”

— Ryall Sheridan Architects

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