Bringing Light into a Historic Toronto Home

This renovation project transforms a historic building into a two-family, high-performance home

By dividing an existing house down the middle to form a two-family structure - yay for higher density living! - the opportunity presented itself to provide generous daylighting to the interior of each new home. Architect Terrell Wong understood that any significant amount of skylights would pose a challenge to the need for occupant comfort and energy efficiency. The solution, allowing for generous daylighting without compromising comfort and efficiency, was the PR-60 glass roof system by Lamilux. Each unit has a skylight approximately 5’ (1.5m) wide x 27’ (8m) long, straddling the new dividing wall and slightly off-set. 

The contractor, Mark Nolan of Cildara Contracting Limited can boast being the first to install a PR-60 in Canada. Congratulations!

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